Best Ways to Ease Back Pain

A PT can provide an individualized program of exercises and help you figure out ways to move with less pain. “Older adults tend to take shorter steps because their center of gravity has changed,” Louw says. Despite the lack of regulation, collagen supplements are already popular among consumers. Among people who’ve taken supplements, 7 percent of men and 19 percent of women say they’ve used collagen, a 2022 Consumer Reports nationally representative survey (PDF) of more than 3,000 U.S. adults found. Several complementary treatments are sometimes used for chronic low back pain.

  • When you’re young, the body continually produces new collagen and degrades the old—meaning there’s always a plentiful supply to feed those connective tissues.
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  • For apartment dwellers, composting is a little more complicated, but not impossible.
  • Through examining Magic Johnson, Lazenby (the author of previous books about the Los Angeles Lakers) provides a portrait of an era.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering taking a collagen supplement. If you’ve found yourself reading the same picture book over and over (and over and over) to a small but determined audience we see you and salute you! Every year we ask our staff and book critics for recommendations for Books We Love — NPR’s annual, year-end books guide.

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Become a member to read the full article and get access to digital ratings. The bin itself is a two-part device—an 11-liter metal bucket equipped with grinders sits inside a larger bin. The bin is opened using a foot pedal, and in the back of the bin there’s a charcoal odor filter. There are lights on the lid that are only visible when the bin is working that let you know when the lid is locked or the device is grinding up food. Let your doctor know if your discomfort is getting in the way of daily activities.

Thirty-nine percent of adults and 45 percent of people ages 65 and up said in a survey that they’d had back pain in the previous three months, according to a 2021 report from the National Center for Health Statistics. And a systematic review published in 2022 in the Journal of Pain found that about 36 percent of adults ages 60 and up had chronic lower back pain (meaning it continued for at least 12 weeks). The payment for your account couldn’t be processed or you’ve canceled your account with us. When the eminent Victorian art critic John Ruskin gave James McNeill Whistler a negative review in 1877, Whistler objected by way of a lawsuit that riveted the London art world. Murphy’s lively chronicle recounts a case that changed the way we think of criticism.

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He glances as far back as Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” (sixth century B.C.), but his main focus is the terrible 20th century. In “The Great War and Modern Memory” (1975), Paul Fussell limited himself to British soldier-authors on the Western Front in World War I and still couldn’t exhaust the subject. When you’re young, the body continually produces new collagen and degrades the old—meaning there’s always a plentiful supply to feed those connective tissues.

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Here are some of the 2023 picture books they selected — to see the full list, including books for older kids — head over to Books We Love. For massage in particular, a 2015 Cochrane review concluded that while it helped improve back pain, the quality of the evidence was low. It also found that massage didn’t necessarily help with overall back function. In addition, note that the therapies above aren’t always covered by insurance and can be expensive. While exercise might not be appealing when your back hurts, staying as active as possible can actually help reduce pain and prevent it in the future.

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Researchers in Baar’s lab are looking at micronutrients (like phytoestrogens in soy and polyphenols in dark chocolate) that may increase the body’s ability to make more collagen even as we age. “I have a feeling we’re going to find that groups who traditionally eat those foods will show lower rates of musculoskeletal problems,” he says. And among the 27 percent of Americans who said they’ve ever taken supplements for nail, skin, or hair health, 3 in 10 have used collagen for that reason.

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You may be able to find a pain management program at a large medical center. You can search the American Psychological Association’s therapist finder as well. “Therapy is a good option for patients who have tried other conservative therapies, such as physical therapy, but haven’t been able to find relief,” Khalid says. We have a general sense of what is needed in the run-up to war—not least the stockpiling of armaments and materiel. It turns out that we should inventory our stockpiles of literature as well.

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If you’ve ever tried to compost at home, you know it can be an unpleasant process. In homes with large outdoor spaces, it might be easier–you keep the compost outside and you don’t have to worry about it stinking up your kitchen. But if you don’t have a home garden or organic waste pickup in your neighborhood, you’ll be stuck wondering what in the world you’re going to do with all the compost you make. Hallie Levine is an award-winning magazine and freelance writer who contributes to Consumer Reports on health and fitness topics. Her work has been published in Health, Prevention, Reader’s Digest, and Parents, among others. She’s a mom to three kids and a fat but feisty black Labrador retriever named Ivry.

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